The Law of Change

The Law of Change

Hey everyone, welcome to Digital Branding with LEAD, where we bring you valuable information, tips, and opportunities to assist you in building your brand. Today’s topic in relation to digital branding is, “the law of change.”

The law of change is the biggest exception to the laws of branding. Companies are often focused on what they need to do internally in order to facilitate the change of a brand. The procedures, the manuals, the brochures, the press conferences, the advertising, the marketing.

But brand changing does not occur inside a company. Brand changing occurs inside the mind of the consumer. If you want to change your brand, keep your sights on your target, which is the consumer’s mind.

So here are three situations where changing your brand is feasible:

• Your brand is weak or non-existent in the mind.

• You want to move your brand down the food chain.

• Your brand is in a slow-moving field and the change is going to take place over an extended period of time.

These are the three situations where changing your brand is feasible. If you want to change your brand, first look into the prospect’s mind. Where are you? Perhaps you’re not in the mind at all. If this is the case, change away. But if you are in the mind, and if you have a unique and distinct perception, then change your brand at your own risk. It is going to be long, difficult, expensive, and perhaps impossible.

Remember, people tend to be stubborn and don’t like change. So if your brand’s perception is altered in the mind of the consumer you could lose them forever. So keep that in mind.

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