The Law of Shape

The Law of Shape

Hey everyone, welcome to Digital Branding with LEAD, where we bring you valuable information, tips, and opportunities to assist you in building your brand. Today’s topic in relation to digital branding is, “the law of shape.”

Every business owner and entrepreneur at some point in time has thought of and had a logo created for their business and brand. But is there a science to it when it comes to branding and placing your brand in the mind of the customer?

Well, it is and we’ll start with this… A logotype is a combination of a trademark, which is a visual symbol of the brand, and the name of the brand set in distinctive type. Since the eyes of your customers are mounted side-by side, the ideal shape for a logotype is horizontal.

Now one of the most important aspect of logo design in relation to branding are the words utilized in the logo. The truth is, the words are what communicate the power of the brand. Think Rolex, Ralph Lauren, Rolls Royce. The typeface used in their logotypes can help or hinder the communication process, but only slightly. You want to make sure that your type face is not illegible otherwise you will miss the opportunity to gain space within the consumer’s mind.

Remember, it is the Nike name that gives meaning to the Swoosh symbol. The Swoosh symbol doesn’t give much meaning to the Nike brand. But, after the symbol has been associated with the name for a long period of time, the symbol can represent the name. Not replace the brand name but represent the brand name.

Let’s take a look at a few logos and see if the brand names come to mind instantly.

Surely, each one of these brand names popped up in your mind as soon as you saw the logo. You want your logo to be in the mind of the consumer the same way. Many graphic designers create lovely, wonderful, creative logos, but it is the Brand name that will make the logo what it is.

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