Develop and establish your brand online and through social media in 90 days with the help of L.E.A.D.

The Full-Scale Digital Brand Development That You Need!

Our 12-week Digital Brand Development Program delivers a full-scale digital brand development journey. In this program, we focus on developing, creating, and establishing the fundamental elements and processes that brands need to be successful online and through social media.

Develop and establish core branding elements.

Every business needs to have the core branding elements established before going digital. We show you what the core branding elements are and make sure their in place.

Develop and create a fully functional website.

Your website is going to be your digital storefront where your audience is going to live and engage with your brand.

Develop and create social media content.

Content is king! And you're going to need lots of it if you are going to have a successful brand online and through social media.

Paid social advertising.

Organic growth is great, but paid advertising campaigns and help increase your brand's reach, awareness, contributing to overall growth.

Do Our Strategies Actually Work?

Here are just a few of our client wins.


A Full-Scale Digital Brand Development Journey 

The 12-Week Digital Brand Development Program is a full scale digital brand development journey packed with sessions that we will use to develop your brand’s core elements, strategy, website functionality, and its application on social media.


1st Month

Core Brand Development + Website Design.

At the start of the 12-week Digital Brand Development Program, we focus our efforts on establishing your core brand elements (including logo, colors, and brand messaging). We also begin building out your website.


2nd Month

Content Creation.

Starting about week 5, we begin our content strategy sessions to develop a content plan, calendar, and the associated content for your brand.


3rd Month

Going Social.

By week 8, we will be implementing our content plan and paid social advertising campaigns to establish your brand on social media, drive traffic to your website, and begin determining your target audience.

Need help establishing your brand online and through social media?

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