Our Team


J.A.A. Bey

10+ years of experience

J.A.A. Bey has 10+ years of experience in the world of media production. A graduate from Jacksonville State University, J.A.A. Bey has helped many individuals and businesses bring their creative visions to life. His leadership has allowed for L.E.A.D. MEDIA to flourish in helping to build brands and to provide great photos and videos to individuals seeking to commemorate those special moments.


Derrica Wright 

Operations Manager
8 years of experience

Derrica Wright is our "I can do it all" representative. As our on-site Operations Manager, she ensures that all appointments, clients, and our team of creatives have all the things they need to be successful.


Cameron St. Cyr

Audio Engineer (Recording, Mixing, and Mastering)
4 years of experience

Cameron St. Cyr is a certified audio engineer. With his years of experience in studio recording, he handles all recording, mixing, and mastering for all audio recording sessions.


Sarah Uhn

5+ years of experience

Sarah Uhn is an experienced Photographer with a background in Hospitality and Marketing. Her demonstrated history of working in the Entertainment & Hospitality Industry is where her creative and analytical skills excelled. She is a strong-minded professional and visionary with an Associates in Commercial Photography while currently pursuing her Bachelors in Visual Communications & Photography.


Faith Kotee

Photographer / Videographer
4 years of experience

Faith Kotee is an experienced creative that specializes in photography and videography. Her expertise in portrait and studio photography, color palettes, as well as lighting and skin tones make her a consummate professional. As a graduate of Full Sail University she has garnered a great reputation as a creator in the world of video production.